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Top tips for taking surveys for cash

Paid survey taking tips and how to earn money with surveys for cash

Taking part in paid online surveys for cash in your spare time is a great way of topping up your income, as well as making a difference to the products and services that you know and love. But is it something anyone can do?

If you’re over 18, and live in the UK, the answer is yes! Taking surveys for cash whilst you are at home or on the go is simple, fun and interesting. But there are ways to make opinion surveys an even better experience. Here are five handy hints to help streamline your survey-taking – meaning more time to take part, and earning even more money online through sharing your opinion!

  1. When taking surveys on a desktop or laptop computer make sure you have Flash installed, as some surveys have Flash elements. This will mean you won’t miss out on any vital questions. It’s FREE to install – find out more here.
  2. To speed up survey-taking, make sure you clear the cache on your browser regularly. Experts suggest you do this at least once a week. Here’s how.
  3. Web browsers are regularly updated to give you the best internet browsing experience. We recommend you choose the most up to date version of your favourite browser. This free and simple tool helps you check if you have the latest version.
  4. Make the most of your downtime. Although many people like to take online surveys for cash whilst at home, it’s perfectly possible to take part when you’re out and about using a smartphone or tablet. Getting mobile lets you get even more out of taking paid surveys for cash!
  5. Update your Account. It sounds simple, but by telling us all about you we can invite you to take part in specific surveys for cash that will interest you – meaning more earning opportunities! Don’t forget to update your Account when you have a new job, new car or a change in your household, as it means you will be even more knowledgeable on certain subjects that need your input.

Feeling inspired? Want to save up for Christmas, redeem your points for shopping vouchers, or treat yourself to some much needed cash? Take part in our surveys for cash today, and start getting paid for your point of view with Opinion Outpost UK!

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