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The cost of Christmas and spending money online

The cost of Christmas - spending vs earning money online

According to a recent online survey, we will spend more money online and in store on gifts and cards this year – but less on food and Christmas trees.

To help save you money online and in store though, saving on your Christmas dinner does mean shopping smartly with certain supermarkets. With Christmas ingredients from luxury supermarkets, such as M&S, rising above the rate of inflation it has come down to shops such as Aldi, Lidl, Iceland and Tesco to help you keep the cost per head down from last year.

The online survey report on Christmas tree costs also revealed that these have become cheaper. The average tree in 2016 costs just an eighth of their equvilent price back in 1975. However, according to an online poll on spending, our other Christmas costs will rise this year.

The cost of Christmas according to online surveys

A YouGov online survey reported that the average UK household’s bill for Christmas will be £820 – an increase of £54 from the previous year. Another online paid survey said that most people will spend between £500 and £700 on presents. A huge amount of shopping will consist of spending money online in advance, as well as on the high street, and we apparently spend the majority of our Christmas budget on our children (said 70% of people taking part in the paid survey online). So what can we do to help keep costs down?

How to save money online and in store

It may sound bizarre, but there is one tried and tested way to save money online and in store to help keep costs down for next Christmas – and that’s planning ahead. According to the online paid survey on spending, 24% of people leave their shopping until the last minute. This often means you might end up spending more, as you don’t have time to compare prices to save money online and in the shops to get the best deal. You may also miss out on many of the pre-Christmas sales.

Better yet, why not consider shopping for next winter in the 2016 sales? If you know your children will need coats and Christmas jumpers again next year, why not shop in January and get a great deal on the next size up? Decorations, crackers and other stocking fillers will also be heavily discounted in the sales – so if you can bare it it pays to be organised!

How to earn money online to help balance the books

You may not have time to start taking new online paid surveys to redeem your rewards before Christmas, but if you are worried about how much you have spent why not earn some extra cash online to help give you a bit of extra income? Our online paid surveys always need your point of view, and they could help you earn money online rather than spend it! With great rewards on offer, including earning cash online or top gift vouchers, plus you could win even more money online with our Quarterly Cash Prize Draw – you could be starting the New Year in style by earning money online in your spare time!

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