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New ways to earn money online in time for Christmas

A festive man in red nose and wig looks forward to Christmas and lists ways to earn money online

Worried about the true price of Christmas? Check out these easy ways to earn money online to make your Christmas a little less costly.

Five new ways to earn money online

Christmas is coming, is coming again; and bringing debt and overdraft to many women and men. That’s right – December is fast approaching and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Presents, food, entertaining, and even cards can really leave you feeling strapped for cash. But fear not – there’s still time to earn money online and boost your bank balance in time for the festive season. With loads of new ways to earn money online, from surveys for cash to cashing in from Kindle, here are our top five suggestions to help you have a happier (and more cashier) Christmas.

1. Take surveys for cash to earn money online

This is an obvious one for Opinion Outpost fans, but perhaps you’ve never tried taking surveys for cash? Well, it’s simple – our paid market research surveys let you earn money online in exchange for your opinions. What’s more it gives you a say on the brands and products you like the best, in exchange for earning gift vouchers (or you can choose to earn money online via PayPal). Surveys for cash can be taken at home, or on the go, and are one of the best kept secrets to making money and earning money online in your spare time. Sign up here to get started, or login to your Account to take paid surveys for cash today.

2. Buy and sell to make money online

If you’ve an eye for jewellery or antiques, you can earn extra cash online by buying these from car boot sales or charity shops and selling them on for a profit on local selling sites or online auctions. However, if you can’t tell your Royal Doulton from your Dunelm, you could try the Disney Vault idea to make money online. Disney only release their classics on DVD every 10 years, before they are stored in the ‘Disney Vault’ again to maintain demand. So by buying in a window of release and keeping them, you can make a tidy profit when you sell them on. This one might be better for next Christmas, but even by turning out your old DVDs and vintage videos from the loft you may well be able to sell these on online selling sites to make a little extra cash for this Xmas. And who knows – maybe you do have an old Disney film someone will be willing to pay over the odds for!

3. Earn money online if you love the internet

Believe it or not, some people earn money online simply by searching the internet. It’s a simple and easy way to earn extra income in time for Christmas. Sites such as Qmee reward you for searching online, after installing a simple add-on to your browser. You’ll see more sponsored results, but if you can live with that it can earn you a little extra cash online.

4. Earn money online when you write

Do you love writing, and have a bit of spare time on your hands (or your commute)? Thanks to e-books, it’s perfectly possible to write a fiction (or non-fiction) piece and publish it to make money online. Perhaps you’d love to be the next JK Rowling, or maybe you wrote a sci-fi story once, or even an essay on the art of train spotting – if you’re passionate about something you can bet someone else may be too. Make it interesting and unique, and get a great cover designed, and if you list it on the Amazon Kindle Store you’ll earn 70% of each sale. So go on – get writing!

5. Become a VA to earn money online in your spare time

Everything is online these days – and PAs are no exception. Busy bosses may need everything from booking train tickets to dictating letters, so why not become a virtual assistant in your spare time? Approach old colleagues, or even put an advert or flyer locally to advertise your services. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy much legwork, you could try companies such as ClickWorker. Here, others advertise jobs they need doing by a virtual assistant, such as data entry. It’s a flexible and simple way to earn money online.

It’s perfectly possible to earn money online if you’ve got a little time (and inclination). So why not give it a go? You never know where earning extra money online might take you!

Got a great idea to earn money online in time for Christmas? Join the discussion on our Facebook page to let others know! Plus, don’t forget to earn money online with paid market research and top surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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