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Spend or earn? Make No-Man's-Week' fun with online surveys for cash

4 people sit on a sofa on smartphones earning gift cards for christmas by taking online surveys for market research

Welcome to No Man’s Week! Starting to feel at a bit of a loose end? Fear not – we’ve got some great ways of making the most of the time on your hands.

No Man’s Week (or ‘Romjul’ in Norwegian) is the bit between Christmas and New Year. When you’ve got no money, pay day (and spring) seem a world away, and it’s not yet time to say sayonara to the old year and welcome in the new one. According to online surveys, many of us find this time of year oddly flat (and, we hate to have to say it, a little boring).

Now’s not the time to get all drastic and say you actually miss going to work (as we’ve waited for the time off for ages!) – instead, let’s make the most of this downtime!

“But it’s freezing outside!”, we hear you cry, and as much as you love your family you’ve probably seen more than enough of them by now. It’s time to take the time back for YOU. Here’s how.

Turn downtime into earning time with paid surveys

For most of us, what we really lack throughout the year is time. Well, now you might finally have it! Yes of course, if you lived ‘down under’ you’d be spending it on the beach, but alas we live in the chilly UK – so we have to make the most of our time indoors instead!

And what better way to get productive indoors? By taking online surveys for cash of course!

It’s flexible, it’s free to take part in and you can earn some real money by having your say in online surveys for cash. Paid surveys cover all sorts of exciting topics, so why not put your favourite PJs on, make a cup of tea and cosy up with simple paid surveys? It’s a great way to avoid the cold (and perhaps even Aunty Mabel at the same time).

Once you’ve taken some of our paid surveys, why not cash out using PayPal, or choose gift cards instead? Having your say for pay is truly rewarding with Opinion Outpost UK. And don’t forget – after every online survey for cash you take part in you’ll earn a prize draw entry to win £5,000 – even better!

Spend spend spend, after online surveys for cash

Ahh the wonderful invention of online shopping. No queues, no elbows to the till, and you can find exactly what you want at the touch of a button. Shopping online in the sales starts earlier and earlier every year, and you’ve sure to find a fabulous bargain if you start looking now.

Shopping online for some exciting bargains will certainly help you to fill your No Man’s Week time – and it’ll be even more rewarding if you use your earnings from taking paid online surveys! Choose to cash out using PayPal, or enjoy gift cards and vouchers, it’s entirely up to you. By shopping smart online you can save some serious money in the sales, as well as putting your online survey earnings towards something you really want!

And by the time you’ve had your say in surveys for cash, and spent your well-earned rewards, it’ll be back to normal before you know it! Just enough time to enjoy a few Christmas films, eat the last of the leftovers, and possibly start on the New Year’s resolutions. Oh goody!

What have you got planned to fill No Man’s Week? Are you seeing friends and family, working, or will you use the time to take online surveys for cash? We’d love to know what you will be up to – let us know, and chat to others, on our Facebook page. Start 2018 as you mean to go on, by earning money online with paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK!

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