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Here's why we should all volunteer, according to online surveys!

An army of 9 volunteers stands in a line at a community event. Share your views on volunteering and how to make the world a better place at Opinion Outpost

Volunteering rates are on the up in the UK, according to online surveys. We look at why more and more people are giving up their time for good causes.

Surveys for money reveal volunteering rates

According to the latest online surveys for money, 42% of adults said they formally volunteered at least once in the year (up from 29% in 2013). The online surveys also showed that over 14.2 million people volunteer at least once a month.

It’s truly encouraging to see more and more people giving up their time to help others, even if they may only find time for it once a year. But why do we do it?

Online surveys show the benefits of volunteering

According to surveys for money, a leading reason for wanting to volunteer is that is makes us feel good – which is good for our overall health. Studies show that when you stop thinking about your own problems and focus on someone other than yourself your stress levels start to decrease, your immune system is strengthened, and your overall sense of life satisfaction increases. One study even found that people who volunteer tend to live longer than those who don’t. Good news all round!

According to surveys for money, other top reasons for people volunteering included:

  1. Making a difference to the lives of others
  2. Helping the environment
  3. Gaining new skills
  4. Increased confidence
  5. Meeting new people
  6. Giving something back to a community
  7. Spending productive time outside of home/work
  8. Give a hand to others less fortunate
  9. Increasing awareness

How volunteering can help YOU, say online surveys

Perhaps the reason for the increasing numbers of volunteers is what it can do for the person giving up their time. With a tough job market and increased competitiveness in certain industries, volunteering can provide someone with valuable skills and experience. Whether you’re unemployed, or wanting to change careers, or just fancy a go at something different, volunteering is a fantastic way of boosting your CV. Certainly food for thought.

One volunteer, Rosie, tells us why she does it:

“I’ve volunteered at my local hospital radio station since I left university. I moved to a new area, and didn’t know anyone, so it was a really good way of meeting local people – not just my age, but of all ages. I was amazed at how welcomed I felt, and how supported I was right from the very start. In fact, I had only been there a few months when I decided to run for a Committee post, and got it! As a new graduate, this looked great on my CV. And, although I didn’t necessarily want to be a radio presenter long-term, the volunteering role offered so much more than that. We visit patients, and aim to cheer people up when they are in tough times. You can never underestimate the power of a favourite song when someone is feeling low, or just to know that someone is there to listen and keep you company. We celebrate the good times with patients and staff, and provide a distraction for them in the not-so-good-times. I learned all sorts of new technical skills, and made friends for life. Of all the charities you could say it wasn’t necessarily the most needed, but I could give up my free TIME to this one (so I can give my money to other causes).”

Feeling inspired to give up your time to help others? Here’s how you can get involved. Why not email local charities asking if you can come and help, or pop in one day to have a chat. You can find them on the internet, Facebook or usually in your local library, community hospital or village hall. Or try Volunteering England to find your local opportunities – even if you only have a couple of hours to offer every now and then. Have fun!

Are you a volunteer? Or would you like to be? Let us know your experiences and thoughts on our Facebook page. And, in your spare time, don’t forget to take online surveys and earn money online whilst you share your thoughts in simple surveys for money - at OOUK!

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