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Online surveys reveals men are masters of the kitchen

A man and woman in matching apron and oven gloves respond to the paid survey findings that almost half of women say that the man in their life is a better cook than they are.

According to recent online surveys, almost half of women say that the man in their life is a better cook than they are.

One paid market research study asked 2,000 women to take online surveys about cooking habits in their household. The results from the online surveys revealed that over 4 out of 10 women said the man of the house was a better cook than they are, as well as 38% of women saying their partner is braver than they are when it comes to cooking with exotic ingredients.

Paid online surveys reveal shift in cookery habits

The UK online survey also showed that around 25% of children prefer a meal cooked by their Dad, and – interestingly – that 70% of women who took part in the paid survey admitted to using their partner’s skills to their advantage by encouraging them to do more of the cooking.

Over in the US, a landmark study on cookery habits in the household discovered that the key reduction in women cooking occurred between 1965 and 1993. According to those who take online surveys, over 14% more men now cook than they did in 1965 – and this figure is continuing to rise.

Why have cooking habits changed? What online survey’s DON’T tell you

It’s probably no coincidence that the key year in which cookery habits started to change was when the The Food Network launched. Since then, thanks to celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, cooking has become fashionable AND accessible – no matter what gender you are.

Traditionally more women cooked than men in the home, yet more men are professional chefs than women are (only 18% of chefs are female, according to online surveys by The Office of National Statistics). But celebrity chefs have made professional-style cooking at home a real possibility. Thanks to modern supermarkets stocking hoards of ingredients, and access to millions of recipes online for free, it’s perfectly possible to find your inner Gordon or Delia and cook up a storm in your own kitchen.

For most modern households in the UK, cooking is all down to time. With both men and women working, it makes sense that the cooking is shared. Our cosmopolitan modern day is also made up of all sorts of different family dynamics, so why should we stick to tradition and outdated views, which serve to re-inforce gender discrimination?

Men are becoming more daring in the kitchen, and more and more households are sharing the task and improving their skills. In the end it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman – cooking can be fun, creative and satisfying – just watch out for that soggy bottom.

What do you think of the paid survey results? Would you take online surveys about cooking, and if so who would you say is the best cook in YOUR household? We’d love to hear your stories on who has the best buns – so join the discussion on our Facebook page! Plus, don’t forget to earn money online with paid market research and fun surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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