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10 ways to spread some kindness today

A person gives somebody a yellow flower for world happiness day

It’s Kindness Day UK! And to celebrate, we’re looking at simple ways to spread some kindness. Plus, according to surveys for cash, kindness is officially good for you!

What is Kindness Day UK? Surveys for cash reveal many of us don’t know

Kindness Day UK comes around every year on 13th November. It’s a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society, and in our everyday lives. Acts of kindness are encouraged on this day annually, and those who are kind to others are also recognised.

Although previous acts of kindess have involved giving out flowers and chocolates to people, it’s perfectly possible to use today to do something kind for someone else – and it doesn’t have to cost us any money at all.

Paid surveys UK ask: Why be kind?

As well as spreading a little happiness with a random act of kindness, scientific studies and surveys for cash have shown there’s more to it than that!

According to one paid survey, 65% of people say they perform a random act of kindness every day, and 83% of people taking part in the surveys for cash said they do something kind for others at least once a week. How lovely!

Over half of the people in the online survey said they did random acts of kindness just because it makes them feel good. But why?

The answer is that there is some science behind wanting to make people smile! Paid surveys UK discovered that the benefits of spreading kindness are bigger than we may think. For example, kindness is contagious; witnessing acts of kindness produces oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, which is good for our helping our heart health as well as making us want to help others in turn. What’s more, according to surveys for cash, over 50% of people in one study reported that they feel stronger and more energetic after helping others. Plus, a paid survey by Harvard Business School found that people who are generous and support charities were happiest overall. So really it’s win win!

Our top 10 FREE ways to spead a little kindness

  1. Give up your seat on public transport
  2. Let someone go in front of you in a queue
  3. Offer to help a friend (with a task, or to help their family)
  4. Give blood
  5. Look up a local charity and offer to help
  6. Donate old clothes to your local charity shop
  7. Visit someone who is unwell or elderly
  8. Pick up pieces of litter as you walk
  9. Let another car in on the road (or if you don’t drive – allow someone else to go first)
  10. Or simply – smile at a stranger and wish them a good morning! It’s quick and easy and is always free!

It’s easier than we think to spread a little kindness, and of course it doesn’t have to be just once a year – but today is a great place to start!

Have you surprised someone recently with a random act of kindness? Has someone done something nice for you? Let us know your stories by joining the discussion on our Facebook page! Plus, don’t forget to earn money online with paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK – where you can be rewarded for kindly sharing your opinions every day!

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