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Surveys for money reveal UK's top pets

A Dog, Cat and Rabbit sit in a line as surveys for money reveal top pets in UK in this Opinion Outpost UK blog

Recent surveys for money have revealed not only what the UK’s favourite pets are – but top pet names too! Is your furry friend on the list?

Paid market research reveals top pets

Paid market research has shown that almost half of us own a pet, and of that 44% – perhaps unsurprisingly – dogs are officially the top pet in the UK. When online surveys for money asked people to log which pets they had, dogs were number one with almost one third of people saying they owned one. Cats came in second, but with only 17% saying they owned one, which may surprise some. Indoor fish were pet of choice number three, with 8% of the vote.

Surveys for money show least common pets

According to the survey of households in the UK for 2017, an indoor bird was the least common pet, with fewer than 1% saying they owned one. Rabbits, reptiles and hamsters were also surprisingly uncommon, with fewer than 2% of households in the UK saying they now owned these pets.

Surveys online find top pet names

Another interesting online survey identified the top pet names here in the UK. Paid market research, which studied 600,000 records to figure out the most common names for owners' animals, found the name Bella was the most popular name for pets in the UK! Most dogs were likely to be called Bella, whereas most cats were called Charlie than any other name. Poppy, Oscar and Alfie were also top 3 names for all pets, closely followed by Lola, Max and Mollie. There was no sign of Fido though – sorry, Fido, you’re out of fashion.

Fascinatingly, the top pet names bear uncanny similarities to the UK’s top baby names, according to surveys for money, with ‘retro’ names clearly coming back into fashion.

Well, they do say we’re a nation of animal lovers – one infamous online survey found a third of pet owners even let their animal accompany them to the toilet.

Here Bella! Go fetch the loo roll!...

What do you think of the nation’s top pets, and top pet names, recorded in the surveys for money? Do you think the paid market research is wrong, or do you think hamsters are still a popular pet? We’d love to hear about YOUR pet pal, especially if they’ve got an unusual name! Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to take paid surveys and continue earning money online with simple surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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