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Opinion Outpost is a market research panel which enables you to complete paid surveys. For the past 30 years, we have been helping people just like you to share their opinion about products and services via online surveys and rewarding them for their time.

At Opinion Outpost we understand that consumer needs are the foundation of a successful business and we have the unique ability to communicate your opinion in surveys anonymously.

You will also be rewarded in a number of ways for taking part in our online surveys. Not only will you get the chance to influence decision makers, products and services, but you will also be reimbursed with money, gift vouchers and prizes.

Completing surveys online is an interactive and an easy way to voice your opinion anonymously on a variety of interesting topics.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite companies know exactly what you and your friends are looking for? It's because of our paid surveys! As a free-to-participate, online survey sampling community, Opinion Outpost gives you and other members the opportunity to fill out online surveys sponsored by major corporations around the world - and get paid for it.

The consumer's satisfaction with a product or service is at the foundation of a successful business. In the Opinion Outpost paid surveys, you have the unique ability to communicate your opinion in an anonymous way. You will influence decision makers, products and services and either receive money online via PayPal or be able to treat yourself to a voucher from amazon.co.uk or iTunes. Completing our paid surveys is an easy way to earn money online for your opinion.

So it's a win-win scenario: you collect rewards online for helping your favourite brands to develop more appealing products and services, while companies gain an insight into what you - the consumer - want! This is a chance to make your opinion count. Who knows? Your next smartphone might even have some of the features you have suggested in our online paid surveys!

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