What is a survey?

As a consumer, you are at a unique advantage because businesses need your perspective when creating products that you want. So, why not make money online by taking surveys that provide information to your favourite companies?

What will a paid online survey look like?

Plenty of people provide comments to suggest improvements to their favourite products or apps that they use - but Opinion Outpost allows you to get paid for doing it! Your feedback is so important to companies that they want to pay you for it. Not only will you receive cash or vouchers for taking online surveys but the big players in top brands will actively value your opinions. Taking part in Opinion Outpost's online surveys is fast, easy and hassle-free. For just a few minutes of your time, as often as you wish, you can receive points for your opinions in our surveys which can be easily converted into cash.

At Opinion Outpost we value your honest opinions about subjects that interest you, and we reward you with points for every online survey that you complete. These points can be converted into cash or vouchers, plus you'll also be in with a chance of winning a share of our £20,000 giveaway throughout the year!
Don’t forget, your personal details and all of your answers to the surveys are kept strictly confidential. Find out more in our Privacy Policy.

Example question 1:

What age are you?

This is a quick and easy question to answer and is, what we call, a demographic question. It's extremely important that market research is accurate and reflects everyone who took part. A question like this may seem unusual when Opinion Outpost already has this information, but as each and every survey is unique and entirely anonymous it will not be attached to your membership. However, certain surveys won't need to ask this question as if we have this information we can use it to send you specific surveys that you will already qualify for.

Example question 2:

Which pets do you own? Please tick those that apply.

A question such as this will quickly and clearly show which animals are the most popular household pets. It could also show a client whether pet owners have different shopping habits to non-pet owners. We will always give you the option of "none of the above", and you can supply additional information in the "other" box (if, for example, you have a more unusual pet that isn't featured on the list).

Example question 3:

How many hours do you use the internet per week, on average?

A survey question such as this may ask you for an average estimate by typing a simple number in a text box, or we may offer set multiple choice options. This is a popular question for companies with online stores or for clients who advertise online.

By joining Opinion Outpost, you will have the opportunity to earn extra money in your free time by filling in simple online surveys whilst at home or on the go.