What's Marketing Research?

By joining Opinion Outpost UK online panel, you become a part of a community of people, sharing their opinions in paid surveys on a variety of topics of interest in exchange cash, top vouchers and other prizes.

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What is marketing research?
A wide variety of companies use market research to discover what people really think of their products, services, logos or advertising. They ask us to use opinion polls or online questionnaires, known as surveys, in order to ask their target market what they think about a new product, for example. By taking part in online surveys you can have a real influence over products or brands that you know, simply by sharing your opinions.

How does it work?
At Opinion Outpost we will email you invitations to take part in surveys online, or you can simply log in on our website to take additional paid polls online, at a time that suits you. Every online survey is unique, and Opinion Outpost will tell you the reward value and the expected time it will take you to complete each survey before you start - so you can choose which surveys you would like to take part in. Each paid online poll is voluntary and anonymous, and you can take part in as many online surveys as you would like to.

Participation is voluntary, you can take part in as many or as few surveys as you wish.

As soon as you have qualified for one of Opinion Outpost's online surveys you can start taking part and sharing your views. What's more, you will receive points for every online poll you complete, the value of which will be detailed on each survey's introduction page. Points earned by taking surveys can be exchanged for cash via PayPal, or for vouchers for top online retailers. To find out more about PayPal, and to set up a free account, visit paypal.com.

To find out more about Opinion Outpost please visit our FAQs and terms and conditions, and why not see how we keep your personal information safe in our Privacy Policy. Still have questions about how it works? Please get in touch with a member of our helpful team.