Qualifying for an online paid survey

When you join Opinion Outpost we will ask some questions to understand a little more about you. The more information that we have means we can invite you to take part in the best online surveys that most suit you.


What is a "screen out" during a paid survey?

Companies who conduct market research are usually looking for the specific opinions of a very set group of people to complete their surveys and opinion polls - for example, only those who already own their brand or product. If we don’t already know this information we will ask a few questions at the start of a paid survey to make sure that it is relevant to you. If it isn't you may be 'screened out' or get a message that you haven't qualified for the best online survey for you on this occasion.

Our online paid surveys vary every day, depending on what our clients would like opinions on, and we are constantly offering the best new surveys and online polls to give you the opportunity to earn money for your valued opinions.

During your initial registration the more information that you can supply us the more accurately we can match you with each paid survey. Ensuring your Account is current will also mean we can send you the surveys that best suit you. If you would prefer not to answer some of the questions this may mean that we are unable to match you with as many paid surveys. We promise never to share or sell your personal information on - you will always be anonymous to our clients - but the more that we know about you the better we are at inviting you to take part in the best surveys online that will be of interest.

Any data from uncompleted surveys is discarded and won't be used in the final online poll results. We know that your time is precious, and we want to make the most of your opinions.